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The Provo Masonic building was built in 1973 and is home to Damascus Lodge #10 as well as additional associated Freemason bodies. This site is the official site of Damascus Lodge #10 Free and Accepted Masons of Utah. Utah Valley Freemasons have been working towards supporting and improving our communities and promoting the ancient landmarks and values of Freemasonry since receiving our charter on January 21st, 1896. These Masonic values are just as important today as they were hundreds of years ago, perhaps even more-so considering the fast pace world that we live in as modern day Man. The values and ancient traditions of Freemasonry provide men with a firm foundation for moral strength, honest friendship, and valuable direction for their responsibilities as fathers, brothers, sons, and friends.

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News and Events!
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- 05/05/13: We continue the focus on Benjamin Franklin's 13 Virtues Articles in relation to Freemasonry with "Chastity in Freemasonry".

- 04/01/13: Benjamin Franklin's 13 Virtues Articles in relation to Freemasonry are continued with the latest blog post titled "The Tranquil and Happy Freemason."

- 03/05/13: We've spilled over into the new year with our continuation of the Benjamin Franklin 13 Virtues Articles with the latest blog post titled Cleanliness in Masonry.

- 12/13/12: Damascus Lodge #10, Free & Accepted Masons of Utah Calendar has been updated with a number of Freemason-related events for 2013.

- 12/12/12: Damascus Lodge #10's Public Installation of our 2013 officers takes place tonight. There's a dinner before-hand (donations appreciated). The festivities begin at 7:00pm. See you there!Calendar

- 11/7/12: The blog has been updated with a new article addressing Benjamin Franklin's 13 Virtues titled, "Moderate Masons." Check it out and feel free to comment.

- 10/09/12: After a weekend in Park City, UT, Lance Card writes about a Masonic find: Glenwood Cemetery. Feel free to comment.

- 08/20/12: We apologize for missing July's blog updates. We do, however, have a new article available now: Freemason Sincerity. Feel free to comment.

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Lodge Information
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Provo Masonic Temple

The Freemasons of Damascus Lodge, in an effort to promote brotherhood and unity, often gather outside of the Lodge for dinners, charitable events, and other functions. You are welcome to join us! See our Calendar for more information.

The Freemasons of Damascus Lodge meet every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm.

Damascus #10 Secretary (e-mail)

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Discover Freemasonry!
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Feel free to look around the site and contact us with any inquiries. As Freemasons we’re open and receptive to your questions and will be more than happy to help with your Masonic education. If you’re an individual interested in pursuing becoming a Freemason and would like to learn more about the Craft, please feel free to contact us, review all of the information available through this, and our sister lodges' sites. You will find out that there are only a few simple, but firm, requirements needed to become a Freemason, and that any of our brotherhood will be more than happy to share with you their knowledge concerning what it means to participate in this honored tradition.

Whether this site is your starting point into Freemasonry, or you are a traveling Mason, the brothers of Damascus Lodge # 10 are here to help.

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